Mesa Uranium Corp.

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Mesa Exploration Corp.
Capital Structure
Shares Outstanding: 17,435,000
Insider Ownership: 30%
Institutional: 25%
TSX-V Symbol: MSA
US Symbol: MSAJF

Mesa has recently acquired the Blue Wing and Buena Vista Lithium Projects centered in two large closed basins in Nevada.

Lithium Projects - promising geologic and development features:
  • Tertiary aged lithium bearing volcanic, igneous and pegmatite source rocks
  • Tectonically driven subsidence basins
  • Multiple overlapping geothermal clusters promoting thermal brine circulation
  • Historic volcanic calderas suggesting late stage melt volatility conducive to enrich source rocks with lithium
  • Arid climate promoting concentration through evaporation
  • Located within 10 and 20 miles of Interstate highway and rail transport
The Benefits of Brine Operations:
  • No fleet of haul trucks, loaders, blasting and lubrication equipment
  • No shafts, open pits, underground workings, waste dumps or tailings
  • No blast/load/haul staff; requires minimal production, maintenance and mill crews
  • No crushing circuits, cyanide, explosives, compressors or ventilation systems
  • No hard rock to blast or move, the host sand and clay formation is very easy to dig
Investment Highlights
  • Portfolio of quality projects in Utah, Nevada and Arizona

  • Low market capitalization - attractive entry point

  • Large land packages in Utah, Nevada and Arizona - 100% controlled projects

  • Experienced mining, exploration, permitting, development and finance team

  • Strong board of directors with proven track records in the industry

  • All projects are in mine-friendly jurisdictions with good access and infrastructure

    Solid Market Fundamentals for Lithium, Potash, Silver and Gold

  • Lithium is experiencing a growing surge in demand for use in batteries in electric vehicles, cell phones and laptop computers.

  • Potash is irreplaceable as a fertilizer, potash is vital increasing crop yields and growing healthy plants. Global population is set to rise from 6.8 billion to more than 9 billion by 2050, coincident with decreasing arable lands.

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