Mesa Uranium Corp.

Mesa Exploration Corp. (TSX-V: MSA US: MSAJF) is a mineral exploration company exploring a portfolio of metal properties in the western United States.
Mesa has recently acquired two lithium exploration projects, Blue Wing and Buena Vista, located in the center of two large closed basins in Nevada.

Lithium Projects - promising geologic and development features:
  • Tertiary aged lithium bearing volcanic, igneous and pegmatite source rocks
  • Tectonically driven subsidence basin
  • Multiple overlapping geothermal clusters promoting thermal brine circulation
  • Historic volcanic caldera suggesting late stage melt volatility conducive to enriching source rocks with lithium
  • Arid climate promoting concentration through evaporation
  • Located within 10 and 20 miles of Interstate highway and rail transport
  • located 60 and 90 miles from the TESLA lithium battery gigafactory

    The Company has three potash projects in Utah near operating potash mines and gold and silver projects in Nevada and Arizona. 17,435,000 shares issued and outstanding. Investor Relations 775-771-5219 Trading Symbols Canada TSX-V: MSA USA OTC: MSAJF

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